Regardless of the size of the clinic, we believe ALL providers deserve the opportunity and ability to give their patients access to services that they normally wouldn’t be able to benefit from. ALL patients deserve a better healthcare experience and we believe the process should be easy as well. Here at Unity, we offer providers full control over their patients by providing constant communication When a patient is referred out, we make sure your patient comes back to you for follow-up visit so that you are able to keep them on their current care plan and help to co-manage their care as well.

Unity Physician Services offers a multitude of services including:

  • Billing
  • Bookkeeping
  • And a network of specialty pain doctors all at your disposal
  • We offer insurance education what to look for on protocols. We also offer a marketing platform for your clinic DMEs, Blood Work, TEC units, and the knowledge of new and profitable services.

    And let’s not forget the dreaded Opioid epidemic in the United States. This tears families apart and can kill those that take them. At Unity Physician Services, we offer responsible services for your patients that will help get them better without the use of narcotics.

    WE CREATE OPPORTUNITY!! Why do we believe this? Because we have already done this for ourselves and now we want to help you! The amount of time providers put into their profession and their clinic, they deserve to benefit from all the long hours and hard work. We want to help get you to the next level. We are passionate about helping providers build relationships and network, live better lives by working smarter NOT harder, reduce stress, and be happier all while continuing to help patients improve their health. Let us help you live the life you’ve always wanted!